Dad’s slippers


My father-in-law is arriving next week for a three week stay. He’s 80 now but likes to be kept busy and will probably do some painting while he is here. He’s actually flying across the Atlantic with his brother and sister, Tai Chi Man’s uncle and aunt, but the two of them are spending some time in the Vancouver area for a while then catching a Greyhound to us a bit later. 

We have had to think about where to accommodate them. Thankfully we have plenty of rooms, so with a little folding up of weights equipment and setting up of a bed we will have a downstairs room ready for FIL quite easily. Auntie will be put up in my craft room, once we have moved one of the sofa beds in there from the family room.  And uncle will be in the family room. It’ll be interesting for a week! 

We bought three ‘bed in a bag’ sets yesterday so they will all have new comforters, sheets and pillowcases. And there is a full bathroom downstairs for them so we won’t be fighting for space. 

Anyway, the point I’m getting to is that I will be making sure they have blankets on their beds, as the basement is cold in the shoulder seasons. The upstairs gets the sun and warms up nicely, so the heat is off, and the basement is chilly. I decided they needed slippers in case they don’t bring their own, so to that end I have spent the last two evenings designing these slippers ‘on the hook.’

I used two strands of Red Heart Soft Touch in olive green (frogged cardigan), one strand of bright green Carolina DK and one strand of what I can only call Mystery Turquoise (a yarn which is probably sport weight that I acquired in a garage sale lot). And a 6.5mm hook. Now that I’ve made these for dad, I’m going to switch the colours for a second pair for auntie, and then I’ll need to make a larger pair for uncle. 

I am off to root around in my stash for something a bit more girly! 

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  1. I loved this but couldn’t figure out how to comment! Dear One, I know you had a lovely day and love from Jeanette

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