Auntie Maureen’s slippers 



These slippers are identical to Dad’s slippers that I posted about last time. FIL isn’t a big guy and his feet aren’t that large, so I made his and auntie’s slippers the same size. 

The only colour change I made was to switch out the bright green for red Knit picks Shine Sport. 

I’ll be the first to admit that they look a little wonky….with wear they’ll probably be fine. I may need to thread some elastic around the heel part to help them stay on.

The last pair I want to make before going back to the shawl is a larger version for Uncle Joe. That will probably be a simple case of starting with a slightly longer chain at the centre of the sole. Whilst I have typed up the method I used to make these, I don’t know if it’s worth publishing. The sides of the feet aren’t exactly the same – one side is a row higher than the other. I think with uncle’s pair, I will try to work it out so that they are even. If it’s acceptable, I’ll then publish it. 

It’s a cloudy windy day here, and I’d love some rain. The pollen is making me sneeze and I feel like the air needs a wash! Happy crafting.

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