Uncle Joe’s slippers 



Ouch! Having a home day gave me lots of crochet time but my elbow doesn’t like it. Crocheting tightly with four strands is tiring on the arm but hopefully means the slippers will be hardwearing.

So, the larger manly slippers used two strands of the olive green Red Heart Soft Touch worsted, one strand of Marks and Kattens Carolina in brown, and a strand of Carolina in light green. 6.5mm hook again. This time, I made sure the foot was even before working the toe, and then worked around for the top of the foot, figuring out as I went where to decrease. The aim was to do it all without having to break the yarn and rejoin. 

That’s not to say I didn’t have many ends to deal with. The Carolina was partly in small balls, having been previously used in another project that was frogged, and it felt really good to clear out those bits and pieces and just leave a couple of the more complete skeins for a future project. Much tidier for the yarn shelf. 

Going to bed now, as I had a late night last night and it doesn’t agree with me!

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  1. Your slipper gifts are so wonderful. I know the family will enjoy being together. This month is already going fast! Erin and Charlotte arrive tomorrow for the weekend. Too short a visit but appreciated none the less. Keep me posted on how your feeling and love to all from Jeanette

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