A fresh project


Today has mostly been devoted to getting the housework done. I find it very satisfying to get to the end of a long To Do list. Poor Tai Chi Man, however, has been frustrated at every turn, putting in a new vanity in the downstairs bathroom. 

His dad arrives tonight so he has a tight deadline, with issues cropping up like the hole in the porcelain sink not being round, so he had to exchange it so that the drain assembly would fit. Yesterday, taking out the old vanity, he ended up putting his tiling and painting experience to good use, and the whole job is testing his inventiveness at getting things to work. Last I heard he was waiting to see if the leaky join under the sink was resolved. 

I’ve lost count of the trips to the hardware store(s). 

I can’t vacuum the utility room yet, because tools etc are in the way, so I went in my craft room and dug around in the yarn. Aaaaaah, what a lovely pastime! I found a gorgeous pattern for a blanket called Grandma’s Knickknacks (that’s hard to type) – here’s the blog link. And here’s the link to the Ravelry pattern page. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it’s lovely, and although it’s not the sort of mindless granny square I was considering, I think it will make a nice change. I’ll definitely use the Join-as-you-go method, for which the designer also has a good tutorial (link in her pattern). 

Looking at what I consider to be my ‘nice’ acrylic, I don’t have enough of the Willow Wash, if my Groovyghan quantities are a good guideline, so it’s going to be all Stylecraft Special Aran. I know I have enough of that. 

This is my palette – all the colours that I have – though I doubt that the black will make it into the blanket. 

If you’re in Canada, I hope you enjoyed your long weekend. Now, before I can start crocheting, I need to make dinner. Talk to you again soon. 

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