Colourful blanket and mitts updated 


The box of yarn is slowly becoming squares for the Grandma’s Knickknacks blanket. I have made 13 now, and it’s slow going. I’ve memorized the motif pattern but with four colour changes, the joining and the end-weaving, it’s not going to be finished fast. Not that I have a deadline. I decided that 12 squares looks like a decent width so the last square started the second row.   

This is the Stylecraft Special Aran with a 5.5mm hook. Photo was taken outside on my deck as the light was fading. 

My other project, because I needed a portable one, is this… Colorful Stripey Mitts. Happy fingerless mitts in bright stripes that work perfectly with my Willow Wash worsted. 

I started them yesterday then continued on at the beach today.  

The Cooked Quince shade next to the orange stripe isn’t showing to its best advantage but it’s the same colour as the hooded cowl I made not long ago. These are so fun. I tend to crochet tightly but my gauge is just right with the recommended hook size, 4mm. 

As for the beach, we’ve had temps in the upper 20s this week so we met friends today and actually had a dip in the lake. The water is freezing – it is, after all, partly melted snow. I can’t get water in my left ear yet, but there was no way I was going to put my head under while it’s this cold. 

Work tomorrow, and new sale discounts to memorize at the fabric store. Should be fun (and busy).

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  1. Oh ends… if only projects didn’t have so many ends! I love the idea of the multi coloured blanket to use up old yarn though 🙂

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