Colo(u)rful stripey fingerless mitts


I just love these. Of course, there were about 40 ends to weave in on each mitt, but I have dreams of making more of these with self-striping yarn. 

As you can see, I like turquoise…

These are now officially finished. I actually took some outside shots earlier this evening, before going to yoga class.

Next time, I think I would start each round with a standing double crochet. The pattern has you fasten off then start each round with a chain 3. It made for a somewhat untidy result, in my not so humble opinion, and you can see the line where the chain-3s are. 


Yoga was good tonight. I did get a bit of dizziness as a result of my ear surgery. It mostly happens when I’m lying down and turn my head, or in the case of tonight’s class, moving from warrior 1 into a position with my left elbow on my left knee, my right arm above my head, and my head turned to look up at my arm. Horizontal axis turns get my head swimming, and I nearly fell over.  

The housework was done today with the help of my father in law who did the vacuuming while I did the bathrooms, bins, etc, and I also earned a few bucks doing a couple of hours filing at Tai Chi Man’s office. Weaving those ends in on the mitts is the only yarn time I’ve had today so I think a square or two should get added to the blanket tonight. 

Happy crafting!

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  1. These are fantastic! Just back from V with lots of good news. New born baby boy is perfect. Will check in next week. Love from Jeanette

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