Thursday thoughts


It’s been hot here today. High 20s and thundery-looking clouds building on the periphery, but no rain. I would have loved to go for a woodsy walk and a chilly dip in the lake, but the family wasn’t interested and I didn’t want to go alone. So it ended up being a bit of a boring day, buying groceries and returning library books.  

I did treat myself to some teal nail polish. The first effort was crap, as I was impatient and put too much on too soon. I took it all off and reapplied it later and now it looks much better.

This project is the second pair of Colorful Stripey Mitts and I’m using Willow Guppie, a worsted weight yarn (though with more yardage to 100g than the Wash) made from Dralon. It’s nice and soft but splitty, and this is the Undersea colourway. 

Using the same hook, 4mm, I had to start with a few extra stitches as my gauge is different from the last pair. 

These three books are part of my current library pile, all by Edie Eckman. Are you sensing a theme here?

This is just a peek at the blanket progress. I’ve finished 25 squares now, which is over two rows worth. As I’m expecting to be making 180 squares, plus adding a border, this is definitely a long term project. 

I was reading Stephen King’s Carrie on the sofa tonight. I find parts of it invite you to skim which is surprising as I have vague memories of watching the movie when it came out (the first time around) and finding it pretty scary. Maybe it hooks you in more as the story progresses. Anyone watched the new version?

Time to sign off again. Happy crocheting!

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