Despite the heat…


…there has been crochet activity. We had a few days of cooler temperatures with actual RAIN which we really appreciate around here because we don’t get that much of it. Now it’s shot up over 30 (90°F) and we look set to have it hot and sunny all week. Beach days!

Today we took our house guests to a huge craft and artisan fair an hour north of here. I was the only one who spent any money. Soon after we arrived, I treated myself to some pretty earrings and a ring, very reasonably priced. I saw lots of other things I would have liked but the price put me off. I’m not saying the items weren’t worth it, but I wasn’t ready to spend that much. A couple  of things stick out in my mind – the gorgeous hemp coat with knitted collar for over $1300 and the metal Tree of Life mandalas for $180. 

Anyhow, we found somewhere for tea and a snack and then headed south again, stopping at one of my favourite parks for a walk by the creek. There is a waterfall, made more impressive by the spring melt, and it was lovely to dip my feet in the creek to cool off. 

So, the crochet…  

This is the Apache Tears scarf, growing slowly. Believe me, the green is more neon than it looks here.



Grandma’s Knickknacks, in two halves, for more close up detail. Forty one squares finished. Some of them I love more than others but I think the colour distribution is working okay so far. As I’m joining as I go, I have the blanket on my lap as I crochet the last round of each square. Tonight that was somewhat uncomfortable because it’s hot in my living room. 

I suppose I should get to bed now. I’ve been waking up early, thanks to the daylight and the really loud crickets outside my bedroom window. Happy crafting!

Edited to add: would someone please confirm that you are seeing photos in my post. I just went to look at my blog on Safari and the photos from all recent posts are missing. Not sure why! 

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