Sorry for the silence


I have no excuse, other than that I didn’t feel that I was doing anything interesting enough to blog about! 

Our house guests came and went. They ate my cooking without complaint: with compliments, in fact. It was certainly different having my father-in-law here without my mother-in-law. She died last December and he is still in that early phase of grief, trying to get used to doing things without her. My aunt and uncle in law also visited for about ten days and I enjoyed having them here more than I expected.  We took them out and about as much as we could, bearing in mind our work and social commitments. 

Now the sofa beds are folded back up again, the bedding and towels washed, and family life is back to normal. Youngest son just turned 17. It was a low key birthday but I made sure to bake goodies for the occasion. Cinnamon rolls in the morning and carrot cake in the evening…

   THAT was a sugar rush and a half!

Actually there is still some cake left. We have been sensible about pacing ourselves.

Lots of work this week, with extra hours to look forward to in July. The fabric store is getting ready for inventory – one day for fabrics, one day for notions. One of my work days starts at 7am!

So as I alluded to at the beginning, not much excitement to report in the crochet department. The Apache Tears scarf is moving along…

(Note: Hello Kitty pyjamas)

One more row of yellow and green, and maybe three of black, and I’m calling this done. It was an experiment but this isn’t my favourite yarn to work with (especially the black)! As you can see, the back is quite plain in comparison. 

 Fifty six squares done out of a probable 180 on the blanket. It struck me how I always have something to do with my hands when we had our visitors here. They had no craft to work on, no books to read, not even a pen and notepad. How could they survive a ten hour flight each way, waiting at various airports, and downtime during their holiday without something creative to do? Ah Muggles! Every evening that I was at home, I’d pick up my crochet hook, and add another square or three. I’d have taught them how if they’d asked! 

The weather has been hot and sunny and dry and we’ve already had smoke drift into the valley from a large forest fire to the west, between here and Vancouver. I’ve swum in the lake on two separate occasions, the first being numbingly cold and the second being refreshing and pleasant. The lake is warming up fast.

And now it’s time to pull the laundry out of the machine. I think you’re all updated so I’ll say good night for now (and hope that this post publishes successfully as the photos are taking absolutely ages to upload).

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  1. Thank you. Yup, vegan carrot cake with ‘cream cheese’ frosting and crushed pineapple. Pretty darned good!

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