Nearly there



The Apache Tears scarf is almost done. I did three repeats of the colours and now I just have to do three rows of the black, of which I have 1.5 to go. You know how much I like finishing things, and I feel like I haven’t finished anything for ages. 

The blanket has 61 squares now, so I’m over a third of the way through. It’s taken me a month to get that far, averaging two squares a day. 

I’m still enjoying Foyle’s War on Netflix. I was sure that it would end with VE Day in May 1945,  but no, a new season started right on the heels of the old one. I just love Foyle, with his understated but firm style, and I’m pretty attached to Milner and Sam too. Don’t you think that Honeysuckle Weeks (Sam in the show) is just the most amazing name ever?! 

Work took over much of the last week, with four shifts in the last seven days. We had a big sale at the store over the weekend and Sunday was busy enough to keep me running around the store for the afternoon. If I wasn’t cutting fabric, I was putting it away for others, or taking the cardboard out to the recycling dumpster, or helping customers find what they were looking for. 

Today was a productive housework day (including delegating two chores to each teenager)! 

Tomorrow I have a delightful dental checkup and cleaning, which is actually not stressing me out as much as usual because I’m more concerned about seeing (no pun intended) the retinal surgeon the day after.  I’m not sure whether there will just be further tests to confirm what the optometrist found recently, or if there will be some sort of laser surgery inside my right eye. Gulp!

Time to sign off for tonight. Happy crocheting!

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