Apache Tears FO


   Glad this is done. I learned a new pattern but I also learned that this much single crochet in one project is TOO much!

This was made with random leftover acrylics from my stash and a 5.5mm hook. It’s a little stiff to wear, so will need to be softened up with a wash and dry. 

Now I am back to one WIP, the blanket, which must mean that I can start a new project for those times when I need something portable. 

My visit to the retinal surgeon was shorter than I expected and I left with the comment that if I’m not having problems with my vision then he won’t be recommending surgery. I have an appointment to check back in six months to see whether the fibrous tissue in the back of my right eye has spread. I’m sure he’s a very intelligent and capable young man, but his personal skills leave a lot to be desired.  But then I thought the same about my ear doctor and I warmed to him post-op. He was much nicer in the hospital than in his office. We shall see…

That’s it for now, as the blanket is calling my name (and whining about being neglected). 

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