Playing with scraps



Sally the styrofoam head is modelling the crown of a new hat. It’s just a kid’s hat which is using up some scraps of Willow Wash and it gave me something to play with during work breaks yesterday. 

The sunglasses are those cheapie ones that the optometrist hands out for you to wear when you’ve had your pupils dilated. My dear husband thought it would be funny to put them on Sally.

The crown of this hat, which I’m working in half double crochet with a 5mm hook, is somewhat wavy. The usual increase ratio doesn’t seem to be working out, possibly because it would be better with double crochet. I am persevering!

The large fan in the top right of the first photo is the only thing that’s standing between me and melting right now. We don’t have AC so when it’s nearly 40° Celsius outside and over 30 in the house you need to keep the air moving. The last two nights we’ve had the ceiling fan going in our bedroom but you wake up feeling like a raisin!

I really am noticing the improved hearing in my left ear now. The ceiling fan is quite noisy. If I put my right ear to the pillow, I get the full volume.  Left ear to the pillow and I’m at half volume. So it’s preferable to sleep on my left side for less racket. The surgery was a success.

I hope it’s more comfortable where you are 😉

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