Playing with scraps 2



I enjoyed crocheting this scrappy hat. I’m just a sucker for colour these days. I picked out the smallest balls of Willow Wash worsted and a 5mm hook and took them to work with me last Thursday to give me something creative to do on my breaks. I have one 30 minute lunch break and one 15 minute tea/coffee break during an eight hour day and crocheting is preferable to playing a game on my iPad.


Once I started it, just making it all in hdc with the usual construction, I decided it would be a boy’s hat and that I’d save the pinks and purples for the next hat. However, I increased so much in the crown (I had to guess the diameter and didn’t check my gauge) that it ended up being too big even for me. So after some straight rows I had to decrease in for the brim.


The colours, if you can’t see them well in the artificial light, are orange, blue, lime green, navy, gold, turquoise, teal, emerald, grey, dark green, mint – those aren’t the official colour names, I don’t have the labels any more!


A little confession: I haven’t woven in the ends yet. And yet my Ravelry project page says it’s finished. Hmmm, better get on that.

Today was lovely. I helped a friend with her computer issues this morning, and this afternoon Tai Chi Man and I drove to the ornamental gardens south of here and sat on a bench in the shade of the trees and gazed out at the lake. This was followed by a divine swim at one of my favourite beaches, though I don’t go there very often because it’s a 40 minute drive from my house.

Canada Day tomorrow, and another confession: I have absolutely no plans. I will see how the day unfolds. It will probably involve staying away from crowds and swimming in the lake again.

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