Scrappy hat, version 2


The wordpress app is being a pain in the posterior. I think it might be down to the most recent update, but when I go to upload a photo, the app crashes and throws me back to the home screen. At least I have the option of using my dashboard in Safari instead.


This hat was made in a day. We had a lazy day at home for the most part. I did a little tidying up, some yoga, three loads of laundry, and cooking, but there was lots of time for crochet.


We also went for a swim at 7pm and soon we are going out again to catch the Canada Day fireworks.


The colours used in this hat were deep pink, teal, mauve, purple, lime, turquoise, bright pink, yellow, green, blue, mint – though the contrast at the crown is stronger than the rest of the hat and I find it doesn’t fit that well. One round is made up of two colours as I was down to very little of the green and yellow.

Ends still need to be woven in, then there are more scraps to use in a third hat. This one started out with 8 hdc instead of 12 and the crown stayed nice and flat. I increased until the crown was 6.5″ and the circumference was just right (74 sts). Depth is about 8″.

Have a great day!

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