Starflower mandala



The wordpress “happiness engineer” who replied to my pleas for help in getting photos to load into my posts was quick in getting back to me and assures me that the problem will be solved with the next update. I assume that means I’m not the only one with that issue.

In the meantime, I can use Safari.

This creation is the first five rounds of Zooty Owl’s Starflower Mandala. I love the look of all the mandala pictures floating around the interwebz and assumed I would love to make my own. Hmmm, this one is 18 rounds and I’m a little unexcited about working on it already. It’s not the pattern, it’s me. It does look pretty; maybe I’ve just hit the limit of my attention span for the day.

And so it’s goodnight from me.

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  1. I haven’t done any more on the mandala. Maybe I need to do that because I hate having unfinished objects lying around!

  2. It would indeed be nice to see your progression. Seems like a nice project to work on at the end of the day for relaxing. And before you know it, voila, another masterpiece! 🙂

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