The Garden


I just ran the WordPress update that came through tonight which claims to fix the photo uploading/crashing problems, so I am optimistic that this is going to work!
image image image image image image

Tai Chi Man and I went outside this evening to separate and replant some cucumbers and water the vegetable patch. We have potatoes, beans, lettuces (pathetically small ones that are our second attempt because the quails got the first batch, and it’s been so hot they are not growing much) and, thanks to my husband’s hard work (he dug out a load of grass and weeds to reclaim the bed just behind the house), we now have a squash garden. Six different kinds of squash/zucchini (courgettes to those on the other side of the pond). I expect them to run rampant over the concrete and the lawn and that’s fine with me.

(Well, my app just crashed again so I’m over here on Safari, copy pasting into this new post window!)

It’s now 9pm and I think I will retreat downstairs and play a yoga DVD. It’s cooler down there at least.


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  1. We will. Though we have to keep watering it like crazy because it’s so dry here. Imagine that! Coming from an island where we always complained about too much rain (Jersey) to a place with not enough.

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