imageThis yarn is well named. It’s neon! I don’t know if you can tell from the photo, but those colours are really bright. I never thought I’d buy yarn from the store where I work, because I thought their prices were a bit high, but these skeins were half price. I only bought one of each, though there are more to be had.

This is super bulky – 5oz/141 grams, 50 yards/45 metres. Recommended hook size is 16mm (US size Q) or 15mm/19US needles.

Looks like I could get a hat out of one ball, which would be a good deal – $3.50 for a hat!

I’ve not been home long. I worked 9 to 5 yesterday and 1 to 9 today. All I want to do when I get home from a day at the store is lie on the floor and put my feet up to get the blood flowing and my back resting. I did a lot of lifting today. We had to move one group of fabrics over to a new location. The fabrics that were in that location had to be moved too. The Christmas fabrics that had been stored in the receiving area for the last few months have gone back out. The excess Frozen and other licensed cottons have gone into storage. And we’ve had loads of new inventory coming in and somehow we always find room for it.


The apricots from our tree and the raisin cake I baked were received gratefully by my co-workers. Everyone seems to love this cake! I found the recipe on my Yummly app and it’s called Depression Era Cake. This just means that it doesn’t have eggs, butter or milk as those wouldn’t have been easily available during WWII.

I will edit to add a  link afterwards. (Done.)

Well, things to do, so have a great weekend and talk to you again soon.

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  1. Good Morning, busy girl. And thanks for the Hollyhock edit. A lot of work for you. We go for CoCo on thursday. Will keep you up to speed. And on the lake at last in a kayak across the street. We will do that this summer! And love to all from Jeanette

  2. Hi I am looking for red heart vivid yarn in that reddish pink colour – where on earth did you manage to find it????

  3. It was 2015 and the store I work at stocked it. They don’t any more and I don’t have any left. Maybe try Ravelry? You can search people’s stashes to see if anyone has it marked for sale or trade.

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