On buying bras


So, any guys reading this can probably turn away now. Maybe go have a cuppa and a browse around the Tour de France updates or something (yes, husband, I’m looking at you)!

For a while now, I’ve been uncomfortable in my bras. After I lost a bunch of weight two summers ago, I let it creep back on, but predictably the pounds are not arranged in quite the same way as they were before.

The two or three smaller bras in my possession are way too tight. And underwired. And I’ve known for a long time that I’m not 100% okay with wearing underwired bras. I think there is something to the theory that they block lymph drainage and cause conditions ripe for breast cancer (among about a bazillion other possible factors, but I’m not writing about that today)!

I have a larger bra in the same style that’s TOO big. So lately I have had to choose between a bra that cuts into my ribs or one that doesn’t really hold “the girls” quite right.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I tend to procrastinate on bra shopping. A bra is something you just cannot pick up at the store and pay for and walk out with in five minutes. You have to pull a bunch of styles and sizes and allot a fair amount of time trying the darn things on.

Leave the kids at home for this, because it takes time.

And then of course you have the sheer joy of seeing yourself in crappy artificial light in front of a full length mirror, contorting yourself to get these bras on and off.

I’m sure you agree that each of us has her own important criteria for a bra. Mine include:

1: it has to be comfortable enough that you don’t feel the need to rip it off at the end of the day with a great sigh of relief

2: it mustn’t be so comfortable that it lets your boobs fall out or hang down by your waist

3: it has to fit well so that it doesn’t squish the back fat or let the tops and sides of your boobs overflow

4: it preferably is made of cotton or mostly cotton because in the summer it gets HOT in there

5. It preferably comes in different colours and an adequate range of sizes so that you can actually find one that fits

6: it mustn’t be a basic sports bra with no shaping as that will create the dreaded uni-boob, as over time the two migrate towards the centre creating a pigeon-chested effect.

As you can imagine, I hit the store with a feeling of hope tempered with the knowledge that, even if I found a bra that seemed to meet most of my criteria, it may not be available in my size. However, the planets must have aligned, a black cat may have walked across my path, and maybe in my dreams last night I crossed my fingers and made a wish, because I found a style of Hanes sports bra (racer back) that came in white and turquoise that felt really nice on, so I bought three (two white, one turquoise).

And to think I didn’t buy a lottery ticket at Superstore. Darn, it’s my lucky day, I could have bought the five million dollar ticket!




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  1. I need to go bra shopping soon, but always seem to be putting it off. I buy from a specialty store in our downtown, a bit more money, but they fit you and have a wonderful selection and will order if they don’t have it in the right size. When I first went there years ago she convinced me to buy the skin colour bras, then they don’t show under your clothes, especially under white, and that is what I have stuck with ever since.

  2. I wish I had written this post. Every word rings true.

    Congratulations on finding something that fit, AND in multiple colours! 🙂

    I still like underwires because, though decidedly middle-aged, I’m still vain enough not to want the world to see how far the girls have really fallen. In another ten years it won’t matter. My sister has gone the same route as you – she buys soft and sporty bras. My only problem with those is that they never seem to provide a sufficient barrier for the … er … bits that can suddenly protrude in cold situations. And now I think I’ve said quite enough and had better stop!

  3. Thanks everyone for your comments. Sue, I have a couple of friends who regularly go Bra-less, but I’m not that brave! My new ones have a layer of something in the cups that should prevent cold days being an embarrassment!

  4. I just bought 2! I only needed one but since I too don’t particularly enjoy the arduous process of buying anything that needs to be fit repeatedly and scrutinized very carefully, I got 2. Now here’s hoping they will last for at least 10 years … LOL!

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