More scrappy grannies


imageSame pattern, four different colours this time. Not sure whether to start another pair of slippers or go back to the blanket. Maybe it would be a good idea to add some more squares to the blanket while the weather is in a cooler phase.

When I say cooler, I mean mid-20s Celsius rather than mid-30s. It’s been very pleasant and we’ve even had some rain showers in the last few days. Many people have been praying for rain, with so many forest fires burning in the province, including a big one right here in our valley. Thankfully it is not too close to our house, and even those who were temporarily evacuated have returned to their undamaged homes.

I met a friend at a coffee shop this afternoon quite guilt-free, as I had been up since 6am, had a walk, a little yoga, vacuumed the house, cleaned the bathrooms, watered the plants, mopped the floor, and set up the oven on timer to bake potatoes for dinner.

Good progress was made on the slippers, which were subsequently finished after dinner.

I keep thinking about the sewing projects I want to do but tend to forget. I need to allocate a sewing day on my calendar so that it gets done. And now I need to remind ds2 that he wanted a haircut and it had better be soon or I’ll be asleep!



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  1. I really love those slippers! They are definitely on my to make list 🙂 We’ve had some well needed rain too – gave me a few days break from watering the veggies 😀

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