Testing…and sewing


OK, I took the plunge and did what the tech guy at WordPress suggested. I deleted the app off my iPad and re-installed. It was scary but I did it and now I’m hoping that this will post successfully. (Nope, I had to come over to Safari to upload the photo!)

I would have liked to take the boys to the beach today. I had a nice cool walk in the cloudy morning air, and let the boys know that if they got themselves ready I would take them out. There was no movement by 11am so I went down to my sewing room and started cutting out a pattern. Still no movement by 12.45 so at that point I decided they weren’t going anywhere and I was just going to enjoy a whole sewing afternoon.

This top…

image…is made from a cheap jersey knit that I picked up from work months ago. The pattern is Butterick B5495. It’s a top with a pretty gathered section under the bust, with sleeveless/short sleeved/long sleeved options, and two body lengths. I went for the short sleeves and long body.

My sewing is a little slapdash, I have to confess, but it turned out quite nicely. The front is very low cut so I added a snap fastener. And there isn’t quite enough ease over my butt! I could shorten this easily and it would probably look better.

My theory was that if I messed it up, I was only out a few bucks and could try again with a different fabric.

It turned out sunny but not too hot today and would have made a good beach day, but I felt like I didn’t waste the day waiting around for those kids.

Ds1 came over tonight to get his new computer mouse that Canada Post delivered and while here he took advantage of the fact that dinner was being served shortly after his arrival. We also played the hair salon game, setting up a chair in the kitchen with the cape and clippers, and ds1 and ds2 were shorn. Considering how short their hair looks before cutting, it’s amazing how much piles up on the floor. And of course the fine hairs get everywhere.

Finally, a book recommendation. Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. I borrowed it from the library. There are some great designs in there with patterns in the pocket at the back. Of course you have to trace them, but I can get paper at work. I looked it up online and there is an updated version published in 2013 that is available for a bargain price at my local bookstore. I shall have to pick up a copy tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Cute top, and lovely fabric! I think Trena over at Slapdash Sewist might have made that pattern too, or something like it.

    I’ve seen Weekend Sewing at the bookstore, and there are some very cute patterns in it. 🙂

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