Dachshund hot/cold pack


image image image imageHello friends

I have been quiet for a short while but I have been working on a crochet test project for a Ravelry designer, user name anniebevman, designing under the name Tateyana’s Crochet. She posted in the Free Pattern Testers group that she was looking for testers for this dachshund. He’s about ten inches long and has a slit in his belly to hold a cotton rice pack which you microwave for heat or freeze for cold.

I haven’t made anything toy-like in a long time and was reminded once again why not. All those little pieces that need sewing together. Still, I do enjoy testing in that I can use my powers of proof-reading and crochet together to help the designer get an understandable and professional-looking pattern published. I was only one of about 7 testers and, being one of the last to volunteer, some corrections had already been made by the time I started work.

I don’t know when the pattern will be published but I will give you a link when I have it.

We’ve had some much-needed rain this week with a little bit of a drop in temperature, which is lovely. I have work today so can’t hang around here any longer! Have a wonderful day.


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