The monster sweater to be frogged

The monster sweater to be frogged

i actually have a weekend of no work or other onerous commitments. So unusual. So it was lovely to have a slow start to the day. As I’ll be working on Monday and won’t have time for housework, I cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen, and did three loads of laundry and hung them out on the clothesline.

The thought of my messy craft room has been bugging me a bit, so I went in there and sorted through all the drawers, bags, shelves and other stuff. Filled a garbage bin, a recycling bin and a couple of bags for the thrift store. Then vacuumed and made a list of things I’d like to get done.

the list:

  1. frog the monster sweater, aka the Elizabeth Zimmermann Wishbone sweater knitted from Willow Wash Bulky
  2. make the waistband smaller on the skirt I sewed a few months ago, as it’s too stretchy and it’s falling off me
  3. line a groovy bag I bought at a Waldorf Christmas sale years ago…the lining shredded quickly and I want to use it again

After that, the list gets more vague, i.e. come up with some scrap projects for yarn and fabric. Maybe even a quilt! I haven’t quilted for ten years but I haven’t forgotten how. The last quilt I made was a scrappy affair that was designed to be used at the beach/park and it’s well-worn and faded and patched now. I still love it as much as ever.

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