imageI am a bit miffed with WordPress today. I saw an update the other day and did it, thinking YAY! It will fix the app’s refusal to upload photos without crashing. Not!

I just tried it out, and ‘clicked’ on the photo icon and it looked like it was connecting to my camera roll, then… And back to the home screen.

As I was in the app, I also decided to check the blogs I follow. (Most blogs that I subscribe to, I get an email which ensures that I will remember to read the update – often I forget about Reader for weeks.) Well, there are oodles of blog posts in there from random blogs that I never signed up for. Yeah, I can go and block each one, but that takes time. And the blogs I usually follow in there are nowhere to be seen, probably buried in the mass of spam.

I am grumpy about it all! Can you tell? But I won’t let it ruin my day. I have added a serene scene from my beach day earlier this week to make us all feel better.

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  1. Commenting on my own post. The help people got back to me quickly (I’ll give them that) and I now have changed my reader settings from Freshly Pressed to Blogs I Follow. So that’s ok now.

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