Items #2 and #3 – check and check



The Waldorf bag from Nepal – relined to replace the crappy black flimsy stuff that was in there before. And a new leaf button to replace the one that was lost almost immediately.


image image

Today’s orange sun and lack of a view, thanks to all the smoke in the valley. Can’t see past our own trees.



The jersey knit skirt, waistband folded down with a bit of elastic inserted for support.

Wow! Amazing how much I can get done when I make a list. We cancelled going to Wild Play (aerial adventure/ziplines) today because of the smoke and decided to go out to lunch instead (seeing as it’s my birthday tomorrow). Fifty three years young! I will be working but intend to take some baking with me to share with my co-workers.

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  1. Oh my gosh, belated Happy Birthday!!! Here’s to many, many more happy years to come ❤

    I love the new green lining, I bet it's easier to find things in there now as opposed to when the lining was black 🙂

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