Wild play


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First, I have to confess. I wrote a post yesterday and failed to publish it. I clicked ‘preview’ and then my brain must have thought I’d published because it looks just like a new post. Only today, when I looked at my blog, did I realise that it was still a draft! Anyway, that’s all fixed now. (That’s my ‘yarn’ post – go check it out.)

So here are some photos from Wild Play today. Tai Chi Man took a few with his phone, but mostly you have to make sure that everything is secured away, because you don’t want to drop it 50 feet to the ground from the little platform you’re standing on!

Wild Play is fun, scary, sometimes strenuous especially on the last part (Monkido Aerial Adventure, with optional extreme extension). How many times today did I say, “Whose idea was this?!”

You wear a harness with two safety clips and a pulley and you get a little training run at the start to make sure you understand to ALWAYS be attached by at least one clip at all times. I wish they’d explained the importance of the untwisted cord on the pulley, because on one fast zipline towards the end I turned around and instead of hitting the pad feet first I hit it with my back and scraped my head on the metal cable. Ouch!

Chickening out was not an option. There was nowhere to go but onwards once we started, plus as the only female in our family (husband and three young men to compete with) I couldn’t let the side down. There were a few moments when I felt I had bitten off more than I could chew, but I made it.

We celebrated with a stop at a tea shop afterwards (kids had bubble tea) and then went and bought ice cream to take home.  We found the cashew-based salted caramel one and I bought four, because they seem to fly off the shelves and it’s the most awesome non-dairy ice cream I have ever tasted.

Dinner was nut roast with home-grown roast potatoes, gravy, peas and broccoli. And the day was nicely rounded off with a bit of Netflix and some crochet. I’m almost finished using up the Lion Brand Homespun on a homely large granny square, which I think will make an excellent pet blanket. Hoping to give it away once it’s done, if someone local will adopt it.

Now that my new yarn is here, I feel more motivated to use up some old stuff.

I suspect I will be sore tomorrow in places that I forgot I had muscles! Hope I can get out of bed without creaking too much!

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  1. I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. I am not very fit right now, and I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to heights etc, but I did complete it. But a fitter person would probably enjoy it more!

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