Skylark Scarf


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I started this scarf this week because I was itching to use this yarn. I had two full balls plus a partial one of the Lion Brand Unique (Garden colourway), and if I need more I can move on to the Stylecraft Harlequin, which I blogged about last week.

The Skylark scarf is asymmetrical and crocheted in rows that are staggered. Each row is always 90 stitches long but they are offset by 5 stitches every other row. The pattern was written for Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable, which is worsted weight, but I’m using bulky yarn with a 6.5mm/K hook. I don’t know how big it will end up – right now it’s about 48″ long, and 8″ at its widest point

I worked 8 hours yesterday and 6 today, so I’m looking forward to a couple of days of homebody stuff. I’m covering someone else’s shift on Wednesday so will get a few extra dollars in my paycheque this week. Tai Chi Man and I have decided how to use our week’s vacation in December. We’ll be going to a vegan spa-type retreat for a whole week, right here in BC. Maui can wait!

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  1. Starting to settle down a bit here. Will need you later in the month to get a kick-start. Boys available to help with raking next month? We will have a lot of leaves. How is Roy? Is the move complete. What is next and love, J.

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