Inspired by the Groovyghan


imageA while back, I made a colourful Groovyghan from this pattern. It was free when I downloaded it, but I believe it’s a paid pattern now. My version is here. 

Many many people have made this blanket, some with adaptations, and now I’m making another in a more limited colour palette to use up my older acrylics. I get the urge to purge every now and then and so far I have crocheted up almost ten squares in the last few days. When I do the last round on each, I’ll use black and use a join-as-you-go method to join them into strips. I’m not going to do flower blocks this time, but I do plan to make dot blocks and stripey sections similar to the first one I did.

I have an idea who this one is for, but I’m not saying yet.

A friend and I and our 17 year old sons went out hiking today on a new (to us) trail. It was fairly challenging and we had a good workout and were rewarded with an awesome view from the top. It was a bit of a drive to get there but totally worth it, and we intend to try a different trail on the same mountain next time. And my son drove us home so he got some more practice towards upgrading from an L to an N driving licence.

Aaaaaaand, now I really must get to bed. Have to be up early in the morning. Good night, peeps, and have a  fabulous day.

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  1. Thanks. The photo doesn’t really show the colours to their best advantage. Next time, a daylight shot!

  2. This one is yard sale stuff that I’m using up. But granny squares have a way of looking good with lots of colour variations, especially bringing them together with a unifying neutral.

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