Little bear beanie



Yesterday at work, the manager gave me a few samples of yarn. Four different yarns, four different colours, three different weights. She wanted me to make some items for the store, to be displayed for a time, then I get them back to keep. Well, ok then, I have no problem with that!

Last night I whipped up this little hat with teddy bear ears. I had searched on Ravelry (if you haven’t discovered the delights of the Ravelry database, and you are a knitter or crocheter, it’s time you signed up). I found a cute little hat with a diamond pattern on the front and ears on top, but could I figure out the stitches involved to get the pattern to work? Well, I sort of did, but I didn’t like the way it looked, and it was eating up my yarn really fast, so I ripped it out and went with my own simple hat recipe.

This yarn is called Festival Chunky, and it had amazingly little information on the ball band. None of the new labelling with needle and hook sizes, gauge, weight rating, etc. I do know it’s 100% acrylic, made in Turkey, weighs 50g/1.75oz, and has 50m/55yds to a ball. Now that I realize that yarn companies get yarn from a factory and package it as their own, while another company will package the exact same yarn with their own brand, I would say that this yarn is the same, or very similar to, Willow Wash bulky. It’s very soft and loosely spun, just like the Wash.

Now to plan what to make next…

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