Corrugated hat


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The manager at work arranged for the green Starburst cowl that I made recently to be displayed on a styrofoam head at work. She came up to me a couple of days ago and said, “She needs a hat!”

So I was given a skein of Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in the Stained Glass colourway and the Red Heart pattern for this corrugated hat (which has an accompanying cowl, but I’m not making that).

It will go on display for a month and then I get it back to keep or do whatever I want with it. It only took two days worth of spare time to make. The corrugated effect is made with back post double crochets and then some of the ‘ribs’ are pulled together by little chains threaded through and knotted. I only added a few.

The colours in this yarn are gorgeous but I have to say, having used it before, that it’s not my favourite yarn to work with. And even though it’s rated a worsted weight, it’s pretty thin. Oh yes, and don’t plan to sew anything up with it – it’s not strong enough.

Have a happy day!

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