Full apron

Humongous apron - prototype

Humongous apron – prototype

Many moons ago, I was given an apron that I was told was made from one metre/yard of fabric. It was unusual in that the square of fabric was turned on point and a hole was cut for the head to go through. Again, this is something that I’ve been meaning to recreate for a long time, so I pulled out some old flannelette to experiment with.

I cut the fabric to make a 40″ square. The finished apron is huge, so next time I would try 36″. I used my rotary cutter and ruler to trim off two opposite corners, just little triangles with a 2” edge. The bottom corner was rounded off using a flexible curve (bendy gadget that you can manipulate to shape and then draw your curve). The top corner was rounded off and I then drew a circle on the wrong side of the fabric, large enough for my head to go through. Some rough calculations led me to make a diameter of 9″ but it could have been smaller.

If I had been doing this properly, I would have used bias binding around the edges. However I didn’t have any and just hemmed the edges, snipping the curves inside the holey part.

I used my rather convenient trimmings to add ties to the squared off corners, but if I hadn’t had those, I would have used some twill tape or something from the store.


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