Groovy blanket – FO








I’m happy to announce the coming out of my Groovy blanket. It’s been machine-washed and dried and is good to go.

Thanks to Season 10 of Bones on Netflix, the end-weaving was painless. All 500-plus of them.

The wave patterned border isn’t as smooth as I’d like, but at least the washing/drying has relaxed the tendency of the border to curl up.

I’m now looking at my other blanket, stalled halfway through. It’s my only WIP so I should probably get on with that, eh!

I hope that if you are a Canadian citizen you voted today. It’s after 7pm here in BC and I haven’t a clue whether any results have been released yet. No doubt I will hear the news sometime this evening and I’m hoping for a joyful dance rather than a disappointed shoulder slump!!! We shall see…


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