Crochet and life update


Today, the fabric store at which I work was open from 12 until 5. When I arrived at 11.50, the parking lot was already full of customers itching to part with their cash! There was a sale on, and we were all cutting non-stop for five hours. No one had a coffee break. Almost all of the bolts of fabric that I handled were just stacked up by the side of my table and I didn’t have time to put them away. As tai chi man was waiting outside to drive me home, I left the mess behind; it was already 20 minutes past closing and the last customer was only just leaving too.

It was lovely to get home, eat dinner and slump on the couch in my pjs.

So here’s the latest in my crochet world…


Mrs Brown’s cowl – 95% done, just one last super bulky strand to weave through and some joining and weaving in of ends to go,


This teapot is my latest acquisition. I went into the mall to buy a teapot as a gift for a friend. I found this cute style in three colours so I bought a dark grey one as a gift and this one for me,

Then I had to design a teacosy to go with the gift teapot. The prototype isn’t, in my humble opinion, good enough to give away, so I’m going to keep it and make another slightly different one. The yarn is Stylecraft Harlequin Chunky in Meadow/viola.

Rather lumpy teacosy

Rather lumpy teacosy



The pretty colours aren’t showing well in this light. I will have to get a better photo of the next one, which will, I hope, be somewhat more attractive!

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  1. A tea cosy is a good small project to start with if you’re new to knitting. Or anytime really!

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