Some actual knitting!


It’s been so long since I finished a knitting project that I had to go and look at my Ravelry project pages to check. I finished a cowl and a hooded cowl back in April and since then it’s all been crochet.

imageWhat has inspired me to pick up the needles again, you ask!? Well, a friend and her daughters have these knitted Christmas stockings, but her partner, who now lives with her and obviously will be spending Christmas with her, doesn’t have one. So she asked me whether I could make one for him, and I was willing to do it for the price of the yarn.

After a search on Ravelry, I concluded that the old stocking was a Mary Maxim kit, and it was a simple case of measuring the stocking and its gauge, buying some worsted yarn, and deciding on a design for the leg section. I went with a snowman.


I bought yarn from Michaels (Loops & Threads Impeccable) in red, white and green (of course) plus some black and orange for features.

Rather than knit it flat and use intarsia for the colourwork, I have gone with knitting it in the round like a large sock and I will duplicate stitch the snowman on afterwards. My plan is for him to have a black hat and a green 3D scarf and maybe some small black buttons down the front.


As of tonight I have completed 13.5″ of the leg (actually cast on for this last week). Just two of the narrower stripes to go for the leg, then I’ll make a green foot.

I’m rather enjoying myself. 😉

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