Pillows – lots of them


We’re hosting a teen potluck here on the weekend and I’m hoping that we will all be gathering in my not-so-big living room for some good food, fun and games. Rather than borrow a bunch of extra chairs, we have invested in half a dozen body pillows (20 X 46″) and I ran up some pillowcases for them tonight. It didn’t take long, and the cool thing was that it used up my Hello Kitty and flowery stash that I brought home from work as remnants. Once this event is over, I’d love to turn our family room into a comfy place to hang out, so I’ll be looking at ways to make it look less stark in there. These pillows will be a good start. 

The top pillow (pink Hello Kitty) is not as well-covered as the others as I was limited by what I had. 


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