Adult colouring books have really taken off, it seems. I hear lots of people talking about it now, and books are for sale all over the place.

In August, a friend gave me a set of Faber Castell PITT artist pens (brush) in the basic primaries and secondaries. Specifically, Pink Carmine, Phthalo Blue, Purple Violet, Permanent Green Olive, Cadmium Yellow and Dark Chrome Yellow.

Today I had to go downtown for a quick dental checkup to make sure that some cold sensitivity wasn’t a cavity (Phew! Nothing found!)  so I also dropped in at a lovely little tea shop for a Cowboy Fog (I believe it has tea and coffee beans in it) with Tai Chi Man, and a nearby art supplies shop which sells these pens.

Their stock seemed a little low, but I added Black, Caput Mortuum (looks like brown to me), Cobalt Green, Light Green and Medium Flesh.

Don’t you just hate that word, “flesh.” <shudder>


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  1. LOL! I don’t know but that last line of yours made me laugh out loud 😀 Now that you mention it, ‘flesh’ really doesn’t belong in the same box as Pink Carmine and Phthalo Blue. And if give it even more thought, it brings to mind all that Crime TV I love to watch (where ‘flesh’ definitely doesn’t mean a color).

  2. Yes, what is it with crime shows!? Netlfix has so many, especially British ones, and all I can think is that I’d hate to live in a village that had a murder every week!

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