The Law of Attraction!


I seem to be doing a good job of bringing Yarn into my life right now. As soon as I declared myself to be on a yarn diet, I was given these…




Red Heart With Love, 100% acrylic, four 5oz skeins in Fruit Punch. The colours are pretty, and I tried to capture them with a closeup. There’s red, orange, turquoise, green and plum in there. Not sure how long the colour changes are and I will have to pick my project carefully to allow for the variegation.

Then, as I was leaving work today, one of my co-workers said she had been meaning to bring in a bag of yarn for me to look at. So tomorrow, if she remembers, I might get to add a little more to the stash. But it’s all kosher because I’m not buying more yarn, right?

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