Boho FO


Yes, the Boho is now an FO! Finished, finished, finished!





Just a little colourful. I may not have the chutzpah to wear this outside the house in daylight! When draped around me, ruana-style, it comes past my knees. The final measurements – 74 inches long by 42 wide. Total weight of yarn used – about 1200 grams.

I started this on November 23rd 2015, so it took me almost eight weeks. Of course, I wasn’t practising project monogamy that whole time.

I was concerned that a couple of spots looked too bright. Using up scraps can be somewhat unpredictable and so I added a few lines of surface slipstitch to dilute too light areas. I also reinforced the V at the back of the neck with a few slipstitches as I can see that being a place of stress.

Now I have to weigh the leftovers and update my Ravelry stash page. And after that, frog that black scarf-skirt. Then I’ll be down to two WIPs, the granny blanket and the granny slippers. Hmmm, I’m sensing a theme here.

Have a great day!




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