Camera bag


image image image imageMy fingers and thumbs are sore from pinning multiple layers of fabric, but ds3 now has a camera bag for his fancy new Nikon.

I used a tape measure to get the vital statistics, figured out a way to cut the fabric (basically one long strip to go around the camera front and back, and two panels for the sides), worked up a rough prototype in flannelette, and decided to go for it.

The outermost layer is ripstop nylon for water repellency, middle layer is black fleece for cushioning, and the inside layer is cotton batik because it looks nice!

I assembled each layer, then put them inside one another in the right order, then had to decide how to finish the edges.

What worked was to turn in the edges, pin and sew, but that was tricky, what with the thick layers and the slippery nylon. However, I got there in the end, including a ribbon with cord-stopper to attach the bag to the camera strap, and finishing off with a jeans button and ribbon button loop.

The photos above show the bag with and without the camera inside.

And a totally unrelated thing…I had a haircut and some colour around my face yesterday and the hairstylist blow dried my hair straight, which I never do. It’s usually left to curl naturally. It certainly looks different!

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  1. Thank you. Of course, having washed my hair this morning, it looks quite different. Hairdressers have a knack of getting one’s hair to do stuff that we can’t do at home, I find!

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