I love To Do lists


There was a WordPress app update today which made claims of wonderful improvements so I’m chancing a post from the app rather than Safari. To be honest, I’d be happy if it just uploaded my photos without seizing up! Hmmm, I inserted my two photos first, and the doohickey at the top is still saying ‘Uploading’ and the little circle is going around and around. Fingers crossed…


Home days are wonderful things, especially when they are interspersed with days of work outside the home and therefore not as common as they used to be. I made a nice neat To Do list this morning, loosely organized into morning, afternoon and evening tasks. I even wrote down fun stuff like crochet.

As you can see from the second photo, I added a few items during the day, and managed to check off almost every one. I feel like I accomplished so much! The only thing I haven’t done is listen to some more video lectures for the Chinese Thought course. It’s after 9pm already and Tai Chi Man needs the computer so I may procrastinate on the study time.


I’ve had my dose of Mandarin for the day at my evening class though, and I did read some more of Trying not to Try by Edward Slingerland, which I’m really enjoying. He writes with humour about the paradox of wu-wei (which you might like to research if you’ve never heard of it).

I hope your day was just as fulfilling.

And now to publish…I hope. (Edited to add: nope, had to use Safari.)

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