A new ‘awareness’ campaign


(This is something I posted this morning to Facebook and felt like sharing here too. The formatting is crappy because I typed it up on the iPad.)


A little fed up with newspaper articles and Facebook memes that claim to promote “awareness” of diseases like breast cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s, of which we are only TOO aware, I am creating my own “awareness” campaign.

Many factors are involved in creating disease (dis-ease) in the body, including but not limited to heredity, diet, lifestyle, karma, but the one that we have the most control over is diet. So many “awareness” campaigns fail to provide concrete action we can take to improve our health.

Here are my suggestions. Thank you for reading and sharing.

No!                                                           Yes!

Soda/pop.                                               Water

Processed foods.                                   Whole foods as close to their natural state as


White refined sugar.                           Stevia, maple syrup or coconut sugar in small


Heat treated and                                  Cold pressed oils
Refined oils                                            Or, even better, whole foods like avocados, nuts and



Pesticides/herbicides.                        Organically grown

Artificial additives.                              Natural foods

Factory ‘food’, frozen and                Food made from scratch at home

Excessive alcohol.                                Tea!

McDonald’s/KFC etc.                          Support your local restaurant that cooks real meals

from real ingredients on the premises

White flour.                                         Whole wheat flour

Iodized refined table salt.                Himalayan rock salt or sea salt

Food that clogs the                             Food that cleans the arteries (plant)
arteries (animal)

We need to reclaim our common sense which has been numbed by years of consuming ‘McFood’ that our bodies don’t even recognize as food. As we wean ourselves off the junk and onto the good stuff, gradually the addiction is beaten and instead we crave the food that makes us feel awesome, with the accompanying benefits of clear eyes, clear skin, lots of energy, great digestion.

Change your destiny; change your diet.

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  1. Hear hear! Although butter is actually good for you (in moderation). And I can’t give up cheese.

    I like Michael Pollan’s motto: “Eat real food, not too much, mostly plants.” I’m still working on the “mostly plants” part. 🙂

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