Ten Stitch Rug




Today was the last day of a work-heavy week. At least the store is only open 12 to 5 on Sundays, so I enjoyed a lie in and a late breakfast of waffles with my dear husband. Here’s the recipe I used.

The last couple of evenings, I have been stashbusting with five strands of worsted weight yarn and a 15mm hook. I have long wanted to try the Ten Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown (knitted) but never have. Well, Dedri Uys of Sophie’s Universe fame has, with permission, published a crochet version.

The pattern and photo tutorial are pretty clear but the first corner that I turned I didn’t finish up in the right place and my corner was definitely not 90°! However after redoing that, things went well. The beauty of the mega gauge was that in two evenings I had a 23″ square rug for my downstairs bathroom (the T shirt yarn mat that I made years ago is going in the bin).

My stitch gauge is a very chunky 7 sts/5″ and I burned through a goodly wodge of yarn. In my photo above, the colours are blending into one another, but I mainly kept to low key colours like green, blue and brown.

My plan is to make another rug for the spot in front of the washer and dryer but I think I’ll just make a straight simple rectangle for which I don’t have to follow a pattern. And it will be brighter!


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