FO: Monochromatic pompom cowl



This is a totally free cowl, as the Needle Crafters Biggy Bump Chenille came from one destashing friend and the Cascade Pacific Chunky came from another.

It took a 10mm hook and a slow pace to hook the yarn between the pompoms so that they ended up all on one side and didn’t need to actually be pulled through any loops. Plan to work in the round if you use something like this, unless you actually want your pompoms to be on both sides.

It’s very soft and smooshy, about 26″ in circumference and 4″ wide. And I’m glad that I can say goodbye to another ball of random yarn.

It was a gorgeous sunny day in our valley, and I had two walks, plus took a drive to drop some stuff off at the Salvation Army thrift store and stopped in at the dollar store to pick up some large zipper-seal bags. Whilst there, I also found some clear plant protectors that just might keep the quails off our lettuces this year, a new calculator, and (ahem) this…
I’m a bit of a sucker for Hello Kitty!

The large zip top bags were partly for my yarn. We’ve had a few large ants in the kitchen, only one at a time, but enough to make me think of all the bugs emerging from their winter hidey holes. I sprayed a lot of diluted peppermint oil around last night and haven’t seen any since, but thought it wise to seal up my yarn just in case anything decided to burrow in. It was also a good opportunity to enjoy looking at the colour packs I bought a while back. I still haven’t decided what they will become.

Well, it’s still quite early by most people’s standards, but Tai Chi Man has already turned in and I am not far behind. Sleep well, dear readers, and thank you for reading.


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