Sock monkeys!


The theme for today grew out of darning slippers.


These slippers. Despite having added sturdy crocheted patches to the bottom of the feet some time ago, or maybe because of it, I had a large hole to deal with. Right along the edge of one of the patches! It was a rough and ready fix, but inspired me to show you my other resident sock monkeys.


The Walmart sock monkeys, which I have only had for one winter and which aren’t expected to last for another. The cushioning has flattened out and the lining is wearing out, but I don’t want to say goodbye to them yet. They’re warm and have a proper sole which is handy in the kitchen in case of wet spots on the floor.

And then there’s this…

My knitted sock monkey friend from way back. He has been a bit neglected lately as he has been stuffed in a corner of my craft room.

I saw some awesome photos on Ravelry this week. One crafty crocheter makes baby gifts made up of a blanket plus a sock monkey in the same colours. I loved it so much that I had to ask her whether she had a pattern, and she said that whilst her first monkey was made from this Patons Crochet Striped Funky Monkey pattern, she had adapted it over time to work better for her. I have queued it and will definitely have a go.

Sock Monkeys, Sunshine and Spring – what a wonderful combination for a random Thursday.






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