Adding the relevant links first, in the hope it’ll be easier (things are getting slower and I don’t know if it’s my iPad, my router, or WordPress)!

Klokkeblomst/Bellflower pattern – Ravelry link

Biscuits and Jam Random Stripe Generator

Must go to bed soon, but first I’ll show you how I spent my evening.

Messing about with Stylecraft Special DK (turquoise colour pack) and a paint stirrer stick to think about stripe patterns.

Sticking bits to paper and visiting Biscuits and Jam for some random stripe generation.


Swatching for Klokkeblomst, a rather wonderfully-named crochet sweater. There are lots of projects on Ravelry with very mixed feedback. I’ve already discovered that there’s no way I can get 12sts to 10cm with a 5mm hook. My gauge swatch grew and grew until I finally got gauge with a 9mm!

I also discovered, after I circled all the numbers for what I thought was my size, that the math doesn’t work out and I have to make the next size up. Grrr!

To be honest, crocheting DK yarn with a 9mm hook isn’t that comfortable and I may just find another pattern. I suppose it’s better to spend the time on the swatch than dive right in and waste hours of time on a garment that doesn’t fit.

Ok, I’m off to bed, I have to be up early in the morning.

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