Summery Sunday Summary


This morning wasn’t the best – I burned my arm with boiling water when making soymilk in the Vitamix (went from nothing to max speed with the flick of a switch; note to self – check high speed button is off before switching machine on). And after I hung out the laundry on the clothes line I was walking back up the yard looking at my arm when my head hit a low branch of the apricot tree! I felt a bit sorry for myself for a while.

However, after cleaning off the bits of soybean from the kitchen cupboards (!) and assembling a large potato salad, we all headed south to a friend’s place for a sociable afternoon of hiking, eating and trying out some anti-gravity yoga. The weather was hot and sunny today and we saw red-tailed hawks, deer, mountain goats, and beautiful valley and lake views.

The potluck was delicious, the yoga was fun, and on the drive there and back I played with some Tunisian crochet with some James C Brett Marble Chunky and the double-ended crochet hook that I ‘inherited’ recently. The stitches I experimented with were simple stitch, knit stitch, full stitch, purl stitch and rib (a few rows of each in the swatch below). I need to check You Tube to make sure I was doing the purl correctly, as I was working from memory.

Tunisian crochet is very unstretchy but I do like the look of the knit stitch  and the fact that it’s thick and would make for a very warm item.


See that chocolate bar? Zazubean Sassy – mmmmm!



And the book I’m reading right now? This…



Definitely written for adults, this one!


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