Plodding poncho progress


Ok, so I made three mandalas, as you may recall, and one I didn’t like much. As it turns out, the squared up mandalas are quite big and the nicer two joined together are about 27″ across.


Two unblocked mandala squares joined together

I measured my old poncho and I think a 27″ wide rectangle is going to be a good size so I will now start the stripes by adding to the long top edge of this piece. I was going to do solid dc stripes but now I’m thinking that granny stripes would fit better with these circles (and be easier and quicker to do.)

The poncho that inspired this one has three blocks, not two. And much as I would prefer an odd number I don’t think I can rustle up the gumption to redo three smaller blocks and basically start over.

I am still on the lookout for the perfect travel crochet project (added a couple of possibles to my Ravelry queue tonight) and I’m finding my fascination with Tunisian crochet is trying to drag me into starting a project using that technique. Unfortunately pattern choices online seem to be much rarer than regular crochet so I may end up making something off the cuff.

Have a great week!

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  1. The mandalas are looking very colourful. Hope your arm is better after the burn. The weather has finally turned nice here and I’m outside more than inside, so computer time has been cut right down.

  2. Thank you. The arm is healing, though still red near the wrist. We have hit record temperatures this week – 26.9°!

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