Putting my heart and soul into…


…Red Heart ‘Heart and Sole!’

It’s a sock yarn, #1 on the official yarn weight guide, and it’s 75% wool and 25% nylon. The pattern I’m using is a Red Heart one – depending where you look, the shawl is called Enjoy Life or Happy-Go-Lacy (not sure about that name)!

Why am I neglecting my colourful poncho for an ivory coloured shawl? And why am I using a non-vegan yarn?

Well, as soon as she saw me this morning, my boss asked if I’d like to do some crochet to display in the store. It means I get a little free yarn, some crocheting time, my project displayed at work for a while, then I get to keep it (or decide on someone to give it to).

It’s a very open lacy fan pattern, every row is the same, and I think it will grow fast. It starts in the middle – you work outwards to one end, then return to your foundation chain and work in the other direction. A bit of blocking will stretch things out and tidy things up – right now it just looks like typical unblocked lace – unimpressive!

After six rows tonight my attention span had expired, so I’ll add more to this tomorrow.

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