Two steps forward and one step back



See this? Not happy! Added a couple of granny stripes and thought, nope, poncho not working out – go to the corner, face the wall, time out for this WIP. Yarn has been stuffed back in its bag and shoved aside.

So what do I do when faced with no current projects?


Of course, multiple strands of random worsted weight and a 15mm hook. This is Super secret storage pouf. Planning to make it bigger than this, as I want to stuff a lot of blankets inside it. Good to be using up more old yarn.

And finally, a small colouring book purchase for our holiday next month.


I have had so much trouble writing this blog post and getting the photos to load. It should have taken ten minutes and it’s taken half an hour. Grrr! Going to try scheduling this to post in the morning…wish me luck!

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  1. I cheated. Wrote it late last night and scheduled it to post this morning. Cool eh!

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