FO in 5 days


This is huge (about 3 feet across and 12-13″ deep) but thanks to the super bulky nature of the crocheting it only took five days. (Edited to add link to my Ravelry project page so you can see the changes I made from the original.)

I fitted so much stuff in there, you wouldn’t believe! And it makes a great footstool/extra seat/storage for off-season  blankets, extra pillows, whatever.  You could stash extra bedding in it for your guest room. Yarn stash! Christmas cushions! You name it.

Because I started out using up older random yarn (including frogged yarn from a cardigan) and ended up using some nicer stuff (Willow Wash in my two favourite colours and some Red Heart With Love variegated) I actually prefer the colours in the bottom part which will be hidden while in use.

And now it’s late and I really do need my beauty sleep!





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