Scrubby projects, part 2


imageHere’s the back scrubber so far, almost half done I guess as I’m almost at the end of the first of two balls of Red Heart Scrubby.

This stuff is a bit scratchy on the hands and I can’t imagine ever wanting to work with it again after this project is finished!

Tai Chi Man and I had a lovely morning. We drove to a plant sale about 40 minutes south, spent some time in the town, drove back towards home and stopped at another little town for more browsing and tea drinking, and then home. We stopped at three libraries! The things we do for fun!! Almost all the libraries in the area are connected so you can use one library card and order books etc from any of the branches. But they have different magazines at the different branches and I hit the mother lode!

imageCloth, Paper, Scissors, Knitters, Crochet! I took all their back issues. Woohoo!!

Am I easily excited? I suppose so.

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